Open canoeing has it all! Enjoy a gentle paddle down a meandering river, ride challenging white water or just use it as a floating platform to jump in and get wet! Open canoes are very stable, making falling out an effort, yet great fun to tip (should you want to). With at least two people in each canoe they are very easy to control. Your session will start with a demonstration of how to use the paddle, how to work with your paddling partner and what happens should the canoe tip over.

Once on the water we'll tailor the session to your requirements mixing games with coaching. If you would like to take canoeing further we can arrange river day trips. We also arrange longer expeditions, camping out en-route overnight and provide British Canoe Union courses for those that want to get qualifications.


Sea Kayaking around the Isle of Wight


Kayaking is amazing fun whether you just want to play games, a relaxing paddle or a challenging white water experience. We'll start by explaining how to use the paddle, and what to do if you capsize. We tailor the session to your needs by mixing games and challenges designed to improve your paddling and water confidence. Your instructor will be on the water - right with you for coaching and safety.

You may find yourself standing up in your boat, swapping kayaks mid-stream or touching the bow of your boat with your nose. These challenges are designed to improve your balance and increase the opportunities to get wet!!!

Flat water is the perfect place to learn to control a kayak, play games and refine your skills before moving onto more adventurous water. Then try your luck running weirs, play on white water or even venture out to sea.

British Canoe Union 1 and 2 star courses are available.


A Bell Boat is a twin hulled canoe suitable for groups of children or adults. Bell Boats are very versatile boats, they can be used for beginners watersports sessions,special needs groups, childrens parties, charity events, key stage 2 education, environmental / regeneration/ exploratory and wildlife work. Bell Boats are perfect for the complete beginner to watersports.

With Bell Boats being such a stable platform they are ideal for young children who may be nervous due to it being their first time on the water. Special needs groups find them particularly useful as they take little effort to generate a reasonable pace and can cover good distances with an inexperienced crew. Though the ability to swim is not required we do ask that all participants are confident around water.



Raft Building

Could you survive being shipwrecked? Use your ingenuity to turn a pile of poles, rope and barrels into a raft to keep you and your crew afloat! We'll supply everything you need to build your raft, then it's down to you and your crew to build a race winning craft. Complete the challenges then use your raft as a floating platform for jumping off.

Rafting sessions are great fun and educational too. You'll learn about knots, lashings, and the principles of a stable raft. You'll certainly have a new appreciation for Archimedes displacement theory. Our Raft Building sessions are often used as part of larger challenges and all day events.